• Beach Training photos are up!

    The Beach Training at Wenderholm was fantastic - a great turn-out and fun for everyone. The day started with kneeling on the sand and went on to a short run up the hill to take in the amazing countryside. Then back down to the park for some group sessions: Knife defense, self defense, and some boxfit torture! After that it was back onto the beach and into the water for some kick training and basics. ...

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  • FFA Beach Training

    Sunday 18th March, beach training for all members of the Fighting Fit Academy At Wenderholme Beach - training starts at 9.30am sharp, followed by bar-b-que for family and friends. Bring salad and drinks, training clothes ie; karate suit, bjj suit or kickboxing gear and running shoes, change of clothes. This is a great family day so please support this event 100%

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  • Holiday times

    Everything will be back to normal by the 1st week of February Karate Little Ninjas - restarts Wed 1st Feb Little Dragons - restarts Wed 1st Feb Young Samuri - restarts Wed 1st Feb Special January karate classes Until the end of January - ages 7-15, 5pm-6pm. Monday and Wednesdays. Adults 6pm to 7.30pm - normal class schedule from 1st February.

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  • Ashihara DVDs 1 & 2

    The first and second Ashihara Karate DVDs are now available for only $20 each. They contain kata, kata application, techniques, self defence, protocol and more! Get yours now - available at the dojo.

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  • New website

    FFA has updated the website with a new look and a comprehensive photo section and a more user-friendly interface. Check in regularly for updates, news and specials

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