• Sabaki-do Karate

    Fitness, flexibility, co-ordination, confidence - classes catering to all ages

  • Phantom Kickboxing

    Combining Muay Thai and Western kickboxing - for college age and adults

  • BJJ Classes

    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with ground submission techniques, classes for all ages

  • Fitness Classes

    A variety of classes for all fitness levels and personal trainers available

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Coronavirus COVID-19Coronavirus COVID-19

Dear members:
We are open!
Under Alert Level 2, we will need to make sure our dojo is a safe place for our members so please check the following restrictions when you come in:

  1. According to The Ministry of Heath, if you have following symptoms please stay at home.
    • - a cough
    • - a high temperature (at least 38°C)
    • - shortness of breath
    • - sore throat
    • - sneezing and runny nose
    • - temporary loss of smell
  2. Washing your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds before and after class.
  3. Must bring your own towel for each class ( No towel no training )
  4. We will provide the sterilize products for you to clean the bags/steps/mats that you have been using during class, but you will also need your own personal sterilizer for your personal equipment, ie: gloves, safety gear. We sell small bottles sterilizer for $12 please require at reception.
  5. We have marked the training area in 2m spacing for correct social distance during class. When you come to the class stay on your own space, no person to person contact. When entering or leaving gym, please give space for other people.
  6. For parents of children attending the gym, at this stage we would ask that you drop children off and pick up at the stairs to avoid too many people at gym at once. ( We do have limited seating for some parents. )
  7. Please bring your own personal water bottle before class.
  8. Normal class timetable will resume on Monday 18th of May.
  9. Everyone must 'sign in' for contact tracing.

We are looking forward to help you along your journey in martial arts again.

Kind Regards
Mark Stewart