10 Hour Challenge

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Come on, give the 10 hour challenge a GO!!!

10-HOUR-CHALLENGEOpen to all people, young and old, all skill levels. All classes go for 45 minutes.

Each class is just $10 or $100 for the whole day.

Complete the whole day and receive a commemorative T-Shirt

The purpose of this is event is fundraising for new gym equipment.


  • 8.00am Fightingfit crossfit
  • Bag training with body weight exercises
  • 9.00am Boxing class (combinations practised on focus mitts)
  • 10.00am Flexibility and stretching class
  • 11.00am Kicking drills class
  • 12.00pm Trapping and Joint locking

Lunch Break 12.45 to 1.30

  • 1.30pm Self Defense (against common assaults, chokes and holds)
  • 2.30pm “Sabaki principle” pad drills
  • 3.30pm Kick boxing class
  • 4.30pm Fighting Fit crossfit, bands and weights, ropes and tyres
  • 5.30pm Chi kung, gentle stretching, breathing for health and relaxation
  • 6.15pm Finish, beers and snacks