An excellent and most effective professional martial art teacher

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For my husband and myself, Mark Stewart is an amazing Sabaki-Do Karate Shihan (a Japanese honorific title for expert or master instructor) and Tai-Chi & Qigong teacher.  His Fighting Fit Academy is an ideal place to explore and start your training if you are interested in learning various styles of fighting, self-defence techniques, or getting stronger and gaining agility.

Over the years, I have followed various Tai-Chi teachers, aiming at improving confidence, balance, strength and agility. I would say that Mark ranks as the best I’ve learned from.  My husband started learning Sabaki-Do karate from Mark and has become extremely fasinated and committed.

Both of us have found that Mark is an excellent and most effective professional martial art teacher.   He does not only have a very impressive resume in karate competitions and other martial arts, he is also very dedicated to their teaching to people of all ages to help them develop.  He combines a very strong knowledge base and understanding of the martial arts and learners’ needs with a friendly, intense and meticulous teaching style. He is observant and analytical in dealing with learner’s individual weaknesses and breaking up the learning process step by step accordingly. He takes time to work with you to correct what and where you’re doing wrong and rehearse with you patiently. Mark is a warm and amiable coach and teacher that would put any learner at ease. We are grateful for his provision of the Dojo, various classes and personal training.

Ken and Grace Au